Michael W. Shannon, OD
My dad was an eye doctor, his dad was an eye doctor, and my brother is also an eye doctor in Gainesville; so you get the idea that "Eye Doctoring" sort of runs in my family bloodline. My dad was the first eye doctor to come to Cumming, GA in 1949 and a Shannon has been there ever since. I opened an office in Buford, GA in 1988 and in 2009 re-located it to Flowery Branch, GA, all while still maintaining the office in Cumming, GA.

In my spare time, when there is any, I enjoy anything related to the outdoors: bicycling, exercise, and of course Tennis! I even tried Yoga to see if it would help my lower back... It did! So you get the idea that I like to stay busy doing just about anything. My dad worked until he was 84 years old. I'm not sure what the good Lord has in store for me, but if I am able, I will go on after Dad's record! I represent 3 generations of Shannon Eyecare here in Cumming, GA. I believe in old fashion patient care and service, combined with "cutting edge" 21st Century technology. I'd love to get to know you better personally!

Sincerely and Respectfully, Dr. Michael W. Shannon, O.D.